Portsmouth Abbey School
285 Cory’s Lane, Portsmouth, RI 02871

Wrestling Champions

EIL Champions

Connor Lynn -132
Tommy O’ Hara -144
Sean Oh – 157
Garrett Roskelly -165

2nd – Dino De Marzio -106
2nd – Atticus Bonny -150
2nd – Dahmaux Kouassi-Brou-175
4th – Daniella Gasso 106
4th-Tiger Li-165
4th-Harry Lunden-215
4th-Jason Xing-285

All American
Daniella Gasso-106 4TH Place Girls 2023 National Preps

Northern New England Invitational Champions

1st – Garrett Roskelly -165

2nd – Dino De Marzio -106
2nd – Sean Oh
– 157

3rd – Daniella Gasso – 106
3rd – Dahmaux Kouassi-Brou – 175

5th – Connor Lynn – 132
5th – Jinnsung Park – 144
5th – Atticus Bonny – 150
5th – Will Kelly – 175

EIL Champions

Blake Rossiter-160
Jermaine Anson-170
Garrett Roskelly-195
Darrell Opoku-Kwanteng-220
Ben Bredin-285

4th-Alasdair McDermott-126
4th-Thomas O’Hara-132
4th-William Wahlberg-138
4th-Merritt Coward-145

Daniella Gasso-106 4th Place Girls New Englands
Mary Adams-113 4th Place Girls New Englands
Merritt Coward-145 3rd Place Girls New Englands
All American
Daniella Gasso-106 2nd Place Girls National Preps


EIL Champions

Kene Ogbueti-138
Owen Brine-185

2nd-Dajun (David) Yuan 113
2nd-Garrett Roskelly-145
2nd-Nate Bredin-152
3rd-Jason Zhao-160
4th-Blake Rossiter-160
3rd-Darrell Opoku-Kwanteng-170
2nd-Daniel McKenna-195
2nd-Mauricio Garcia Gojon-220

Merritt Coward-EIL Girls Champion
Owen Brine-185  3rd New England Preps

EIL Champions

Antony Ramirez-170
Owen Brine-185
Matt Spear-195

3rd-Jason Zhao-145
2nd-Nate Bredin-152
3rd-Darrell Opoku-Kwanteng-220
3rd-Dominic Conte-285

Anthony Ramirez-170  4th New England Preps
Owen Brine-185  6th New England Preps
Matt Spears-195  7th New England Preps

EIL Champions

Owen Brine-185
Richard Ryu-195

2nd-Patrick Dickinson-126
4th-Patrick O’Connor-132
2nd-Thomas Teravanien-145
3rd-Nate Bredin-152
2nd-Anthony Ramirez-182
2nd-Ted Anderson-220
3rd-Khalem Gregory-285

Owen Brine-185  4th New England Preps


EIL Champions

Luke Humphrey-106
Ramon Uria-113
David Appleton-160
Richard Ryu-220
Chase Carter-285

2nd-JJ Twomey-120
2nd-Brendan Rogers-126
3rd-Rodrigo Peniche-132
2nd-Thomas Teravanien-138
4th-Bautista Carugati-145
2nd-Chris Franco-152,
2nd Lance Spears-170
2nd-Henry Wilson-182
4th-Will Ensign-195

David Appleton-160  4th New England Preps
Henry Wilson-182  4th New England Preps
Richard Ryu-220  5th New England Preps

EIL Champions

Chris Weiss-132
Henry Wilson-182

3rd-Ramon Uria-106
4th-Bautista Carugati-145
4th-Lance Spears-160
2nd-Eli Wilson-170
3rd-Will Ensign-195
3rd-Khalem Gregory-220

Chris Weiss-132  2nd New England Preps
Eli Wilson-170  8th New England Preps

EIL Champions

Chris Weiss-132
Eli Wilson-160

3rd-Henry Wilson 170
3rd-Thomas Winters-182
3rd-Will Ensign-195

Chris Weiss-132  5th New England Preps

EIL Champions

Kyle Morrissey-120
Chris Weiss-132

3rd-Patrick Ruvane-145
4th-Eli Wilson-152
3rd-Thomas Winters-182
3rd-Yifan YU-220

Chris Weiss-132  3rd New England Preps

Robert Suchy-170 3rd-New England Preps

Alumni Quotes

“Four years of wrestling practice and matches prepared me for my next step at the Air Force Academy. I can not thank Coach Mike and all my team mates for pushing me and elevating my wrestling and self.”

’23 Merritt Coward

’23 Merritt Coward


Many people have helped shape my life, but none like Coach Mike, he has prepared me for wrestling at Elmira College beyond my dreams. I leave the Abbey with 13 years of wrestling, and over the last 4 years a record of 136 Wins with 100 by Pin.

’23 Garrett Roskelly

’23 Garrett Roskelly


“Wrestling came into my life while I was just a freshman at the Abbey. I loved it: the adrenaline, tough work, and most of all, the camaraderie. Being a part of Abbey wrestling and serving as a captain of the team was an honor, and my Abbey career would not have been the same without it.”

’22 Will Wahlberg

’22 Will Wahlberg


I compete in any sport I play, wrestling was my second sport I was top 17 in the nation, it taught me to dig deep and be the best I can, I love lacrosse and will continue to bring it all to the field!

’20 Owen Brine

’20 Owen Brine


Abbey Wrestling gave me so much…It taught me everything about self-control and discipline, patience and sportsmanship.  While it is technically an individual sport, I was never on the mat alone.

’20 Nate Bredin

’20 Nate Bredin


A four-year star that played a major role in Portsmouth Abbey winning its second consecutive EIL championship. Henery was ranked in the top 16 in the prep nationals with 3 consecutive All-Conference selections.

’18 Henery Wilson

’18 Henery Wilson


With the right blend of energy and determination, you can take your wrestling skills to places you never though possible.

’19 Bautista Carugati

’19 Bautista Carugati


I now play lacrosse at Salve Regina University, as a Middle, I attack the field with the Wrestling Mind set that Coach Mike taught me.

’17 Will Ensign

’17 Will Ensign


The experience that I had at the Abbey were amazing. I came with minimum skills, but felt nothing like it. Thank you for the fun practices guys!”

’16 Chris Weiss

’16 Chris Weiss


I wrestled over my weight and made the best of every match and ended up qualifying for Nationals.

’18 Richard Ryu

’18 Richard Ryu


The Eastern Independent League (EIL) is composed of eleven New England preparatory